Based on more than 20 years in aviation maintenance management, Challenge Air is well positioned to offer the private aircraft or fleet owner an exclusive FIXED COST MPI Monitoring Programme.

Features and advantages of the MPI Monitoring Programme include:

The MPI Monitoring Programme is an affordable and effective solution to the frustration, anguish, and uncertainty of that all-important MPI/phase inspection. The aim of the MPI Monitoring Programme is to enhance the overall enjoyment of owning an aircraft while providing peace-of-mind and satisfaction.

The MPI Monitoring Programme, tailored to suit the owner/operator’s individual requirements as well as the AMO’s particular constraints, encompasses both fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft from small single-engine machines to large multi-engine turbines. The aircraft usually remains with its current AMO for inspections. Although, the designated Challenge Air programme coordinator may advise where a more suitable alternative maintenance organization may be utilized (Challenge Air is NOT affiliated to any particular maintenance organization). The designated coordinator actively drives the programme while maintaining appropriate liaison with the client and AMO.

  • Pre-planned and minimized downtime
  • Effective maintenance
  • Compliance with regulations/bulletins etc.
  • Improvement in standards of maintenance
  • Aerodynamic trimming assessment
  • Regular feedback and progress updates
  • Invoice scrutiny and appropriate explanation with realistic invoice challenges on behalf of the aircraft owner
  • Aircraft documentation check and assistance with SACAA documentation
  • Planning for future or delayed maintenance
  • Recommendations for modifications and fuel-savings programmes
  • Regular discussion on most appropriate actions
  • Interactive problem solving with experienced and qualified Challenge Air programme co-ordinators
  • Meaningful test flight feedback

Here at Challenge Air, we are passionate about aviation and its continued advancement! We understand aircraft maintenance and the pitfalls associated with owning an aircraft. Call us today to discuss your next MPI or phase inspection. A MPI Monitoring Programme co-ordinator will be happy to meet with you to discuss your requirements.