Our monthly maintenance contract offers the client a service that is designed to remove the stress of owning an aircraft while maintaining the best possible airworthiness condition.

The monthly contract includes:
  • Weekly inspections
  • Maintenance tracking and forecasting
  • Technical and operational information service
  • Invoice scrutinizing and liaison with AMO
  • Post-maintenance or fault-finding test flights
  • Snag delegation
  • Component sourcing and advice
  • These services may attract a nominal charge if they do not coincide with weekly inspections.

Extra inspections or work (including test flying by rated test pilots) is carried out where necessary at a nominal fee to address items that require specific attention.

Technical and operational advice is available to clients at no extra charge to provide updates on the aircraft status, maintenance queries or any other aviation related query. This service has proven most useful to the owner/pilot when planning excursions with the aircraft.

The benefits of the monthly maintenance contract are that the aircraft under our care are in excellent condition, they experience minimum down-time and are readily accepted by reputable maintenance organizations. The programme also adds to the intrinsic value of the machine as shown by the selling prices of these aircraft.